Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oriental rugs and stuff

I spent some time today reviewing my Guide to Timuri Rugs and freshening it up a bit. I wish I had my library set but I have to do it all from memory. As I go along I learn a little along the way. One of the next articles that needs attention is The Hazara A Historical Examination Of The Probable Origins Of An Improbable People. That was a wonderful article for me. I wrote it very early in my rug studies and I think it stands up pretty well.

It is funny how my Rug Notes work. I suffer from depression. I have avoided getting it treated because I have periodic episodes of brilliance and I worry if I get medicated to end the low periods I will also remove the high points. So I created my Rug Notes as a cure for depression. The worse it gets, the more creative I become. So my best work is the product of stress, exhaustion and depression. I sometimes suspect if I cured the depression I would give up rug studies and watch TV. Right now I am under more stress than any point in my life so I am getting a lot of work done.

As many of you know I dabble in politics. I was just offered a monthly retainer from one of the major democratic Presidential candidates. I did the data bases for John Kerry's battle ground states campaign in the last campaign and one of my associates took one of my ideas and pitched the major Democrat Presidential candidates on it. For now we said no since the money was not right but I may get dragged back into that vile mess that we call Presidential politics. The funny part is that like usual I am broke and could really use the money but for now I will compare offers and hope that my favorite candidate calls. In politics the more you charge the more they respect you, so it is important to make the right deal. In the last Presidential I charged enough that everyone was nice to me. Not too long ago I did a freebie for a candidate. Consequently he felt free to ignore my advise and the SOB never even said thank you. He lost and I will avoid that trap again.
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