Thursday, August 9, 2012

Was Mellaart really Sir James Mellaart?

James Mellaart is often referred to as Sir James Mellaart. I decided who would know better than the British Academy. here is Melaart's record at the academy.  They use "Mr" to describe him.
James Mellaart at Catalhuyuk
James Mellaart at Catalhuyuk
British Academy Fellows
Record for: MELLAART, Mr James
Post: Formerly Lecturer in Anatolian Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, London
Specialisms: Archaeology
Lecturer in Anatolian Archaeology Institute of Archaeology (1964-1991)
Principal publications:
The Calcolithic and early Bronze Ages in the Near East and Anatolia, 1966
Çatal Hüyük, a neolithic town in Anatolia, 1967
The neolithic of the Near East, 1975
Earliest civilizations of the Near East, 1965
Elected to the Fellowship: 1980 § 10

I was thinking about Mellaart when I saw this image. Because of the Mellaart fraud large numbers of othewise reasonable people became enchanted with the so-called Mother Goddess worship.