Friday, March 9, 2007

Iran’s Carpet Museum Faces Storage Crisis

Carpet Storage Facilities Inadequate
Director of Iran’s Carpet Museum has expressed concern about the conditions in which carpet are stored in the museum’s repository.Parviz Eskandarpour Khorrami told ISNA that poor storage facilities, including restricted space, will damage the carpets in the long run.“Present storage area of the museum is so limited that even nine carpets are stacked on top of each other. This will eventually damages the rugs,“ he said, calling for allocating more space for storing valuable carpets in the museum.He added that some carpets that have been maintained in limited storage places more than the normal period are being damaged by humidity. Referring to the transfer of carpets, he said that they are transported several times a year to international expositions and this has also speeded up the destruction process.Asked whether international politics have an impact on cultural relations, the official said although political relations can negatively influence cultural ties, international carpet expositions can serve as the best means to forge links among nations.Commenting on exhibiting carpets in the museum, he said that some old carpets should be carefully preserved. “Lighting system for carpets is appropriate. While advanced technologies are presented to market every year, our old Persian carpets are strong enough to resist lighting and not lose their luminosity and transparency,“ he said.

Madadpour Attacks Iranian Carpet Export Association in Press

IDs Proposed For Persian Carpets

Production has decreased to five million square meters from the previous 7.5 million square meters. TEHRAN, March 6--Managing director of the Company for Export Development and Carpet Evaluation said that the export potential of Iranian carpets is not higher than the present capacity. Speaking to ISNA, Soleiman Madadpour called for issuing IDS for carpets and said, according to the latest figures, carpet production has decreased to five million square meters from the previous 7.5 million square meters as a result of which more than 900,000 employees have been laid off. Commenting on the national coding system for hand-woven carpets, Madadpour pointed out that national coding is done by National Center for Coding Goods and has nothing to do with issuing IDs for carpets. Asked about the reason for the decline in carpet export, he noted that Iranian hand-woven carpet lacks specific identity in international carpets where fake carpets are abundant. Criticizing the performance of the National Carpet Center in holding exhibitions, Madadpour noted that holding hand-woven carpet exhibitions by the association of carpet exporters is tantamount to granting special privileges to certain people which they use against their rivals in international markets.

Asked about bringing carpet export out of the prevailing stalemate, he said that Persian carpets should be provided with IDs after undergoing quality control.

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Saturday March 24, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.
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