Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why do some old Oriental Rugs gets more vibrant and glowing?

On my discussion list Patricia Eddy asked a great question:

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> It seems that the color in some old rugs gets more vibrant and
> glowing with age rather than mellow. Why is that? Does any one

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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 00:50:24 -0000
Subject: [OrientalRug] Re: Antique Rugs and More
Many things factor in but here are some major factors;

Wool is like hair in that it has scales. For those of you who watch
American TV there are many ads that show dry damaged hair with the
scales opening up. Wool does that too and when it does it is at its
most beautiful but also its weakest. When a rug is new the scales are
tight and the lanolin acts like the cream rinse that women use on
their hair. Over the years the lanolin is striped away. when the
lanolin is gone naturally dyed shows those rich jewel tones that
collectors love.

Now and then I see artificially aged rug that look like antiques. The
problem is that grinding, bleaching, hammering blow torching, etc...
take a new rug and wear it out well before its time. If you want to
buy a look and do not mind the reduction in the carpets life then why

With a the rug from Richard I am willing to let my children grow old
and see it reach its high point. I am glad to have a new rug of the
old quality.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell