Thursday, April 17, 2008

Highest Prices Paid for Oriental Rugs

Rug Rag has a fun piece on the Highest Prices Paid for Oriental Rugs One of the rugs is a Chelaberd Kazak sold by Freeman's Auctioneers in PA at a hammer price of $341,625. A nice rug but not the type to typically bring over $10,000 a square foot. What then made this rug special?
It was from the estate of Robert Montgomery Scott.
It had belonged to his mother Helen Hope Montgomery Scott who was the famous society beauty who inspired two major motion pictures. In one she was played by (The Philadelphia Story) Katherine Hepburn and in the other (High Society ) by Grace Kelly. And now you know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey says.

Tschebull Antique Carpets Going Out of Business

Tschebull Antique Carpets to Close
Raul "Mike" Tschebull's Tschebull Antique Carpets Collection, Darien, Connecticut will close and inventory will be sold at auction. More to come...

Turkmen Bags a Salor juval and some Ersari bags

While I was looking at Ersari rugs i spotted Salor Juval 9 Gul C 1800 RB Lot 167. My old buddy Jim Allen wrote Perspective in Classical Turkoman Weaving. It is well worth reading hen you look at this Juval. Jim is a frequent contributor on a rug discussion site and it can be rather humorous at times because Jim is way over their heads when he gets going.

I discussed an Ersari Torba with Mark Keshishian former President of ORRA and he suggested a Yomud influence to Diamond Guls with latchhooks. That made me think and I immediately saw the triparate device in the outer border. This triparate device is most commonly seen in Yomud weaving and I recognize it most commonly from Yomud Ensis. Ersari Torba Yomud Influenced 20th C Sotheby's Lot 695. I also added these to the notes; Ersari bag-face Border Design C 1900 Sotheby's Lot 41, Ersari Juval, W Turkestan, circa 1880 Sotheby's Lot 36, Ersari Juval, W Turkestan, 2nd half 19th Sotheby's Lot 47, and Ersari Juval Serrated Rosettes Afghanistan Circa 1880 Sotheby's Lot 845