Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chyrpy, probably Uzbek the question of False Sleeves

I added Uzbek Rugs: Chyrpy, probably Uzbek, Turkestan to my notes. Compare the long false sleeves to the sleeves of the King in "Big Head" Fariburz and Kay Khusrau dated 1494 . The tradition of long false sleeves is very old in Central Asia.

This whole thing has been a long process of adding together little bits and pieces. By collecting and sorting and resorting and endless linking seems to tie all this together. I am not sure to to what point but I enjoying writing it and many of you enjoy reading it so for now I continue. I am not really sure how much longer however, my days grow busier and my hands get stiffer so one of these days I think I will have to shut this down and take up something else. I may go back to bird watching or go to a seminary. The one in Mankato has been on my mind of late.
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