Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rugman.com e Countdown To Spring Has Begun

e Countdown To Spring Has Begun

Toronto, ON (PRWeb) March 19, 2007 -- Winter can seem like an interminably long and unforgiving time of the year to make it through, so by the time the Spring Equinox is upon us it is not only highly welcome, but also widely celebrated throughout different cultures as the start of a New Year.

It is during the Spring Equinox, that light and dark are equal in the hours of the day and thankfully, light is poised to overcome and set the stage for better weather and new beginnings.

Everyone, regardless of culture or religion has traditions to prepare for this long awaited event, be they in a physical or spiritual way it can be anything from a thorough floor to ceiling sweep, to garden preparations. Whatever the goal all the tasks are met with the enthusiasm of a fresh start and it is hard to not feel good about that.

"For Nou-Ruz (the Persian New Year), a celebration of the Spring Equinox, preparations start a week before and include cleaning the house, buying new clothes and a party, Char-Shanbeh-Soori, to cleanse the negative thoughts/feelings of the previous year," said Reza from rugman.com.

A time of rejuvenation and an optimism that is hard to deny, spring is probably the only time of the year that cleaning is a ritual representation of change...for the better.

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