Monday, February 18, 2008

Pages about Baluh Rugs

This is a [partial list of my Baluch Rugs guides. I keep looking at this group and dividing it into groups that seem relevant. Here are a few of the various guide pages I have written. The rugs of the Baluch are so varied that one simple guide does not do it

Guide to Baluch Rugs - Persian Carpet Guide

Baluch Rugs: Guide to the Baluch Balisht and Pushti

Persian Rugs: Baluch Prayer Rugs

Guide to Baluch and Baluch Group Prayer Rugs

Baluch Rugs: Guideto Baluch Type Rugs of Zabol Iran

Guide to Arab Baluch Rugs

The REVIEW of the Tom Cole Jerry Anderson Interview HALI 76 - MUST READING FOR BALUCH RUG COLLECTORS

Persian Rugs: Baluch - Persian Rug Guide

Persian Rugs: Baluch-Squidoo

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