Thursday, June 26, 2008

Desert Impact on S. Khorasan Handicraft

Desert Impact on S. Khorasan Handicraft

Southern Khorasan province stretches over an area of more than 95,000 square kilometers. Most of the province is located in Lut Kavir that is 650 meters above sea level. It has mild semi-Saharan to warm Saharan climatic conditions.
The impact of climatic conditions of Lut desert is evident in the handicrafts of Khorasan province.

It has more than 50 tribal zones and more than 2,000 villages in seven townships that has resulted in emergence of more than 48 different types of handicrafts, Fars News Agency reported.
Handicraft of South Khorasan province is influenced by the handicrafts of Afghan, Baluch, Sistan, Yazd and Kerman which is seen in the design patterns of the province.

Artists have been greatly influenced by animals and birds such as gazelle, sheep, dog, camel, cow, donkey, snake, fox, wolf, as well as sparrow and partridge.
Deputy head of South Khorasan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department for handicrafts said that the wool of the local sheep and livestock is used for weaving.
Hamta Mousavi pointed out that the most important handicrafts of the province are carpets, kelim, pottery and leatherwork.
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