Wednesday, July 30, 2008

President Donates Precious Carpet to Museum

President Donates Precious Carpet to Museum
Director of Iran’s Carpet Museum said the most unique and precious carpet in Iran’s history was donated to the museum by the Presidential Museum.
Parviz Eskandarpour Khorrami also told Fars News Agency that experts believe the carpet belongs to the famous carpet-weaving workshop named ’Amu Oqli’, which was woven more than 100 years ago.
“Amu Oqli is the most famous carpet-weaving workshop dating back to the Qajar and Pahlavi eras, which was run by three generations of Amu Oqli family,“ he said.
The official pointed out that natural colors are used in the Amu Oqli carpet.
“The carpet is made of cotton, wool and natural fabrics,“ he added.
Khorrami said the Presidential Office will donate a total of 135 precious carpets to the museum, 40 of which have already been donated.
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